Valiant announce cosmic adventure series “Psi-Lords” launches this June

Valiant announce cosmic adventure series “Psi-Lords” launches this June

This new Psi-Lords series from Valiant is effectively being pitched as “Lost but in space and also it’s funny.”  That sounds like everything I want in a comic, just short of a gorilla solving mysteries or something.  But who knows?  Maybe there’s room for a mystery-solving gorilla in Psi-Lords?  I mean, there should always be room for a mystery-solving gorilla, no matter the story.


Ok, but even if not, this book sounds pretty interesting, gorilla or no, so check out the details below. 

Per Valiant: 

Valiant Entertainment Announces Sweeping New Sci-Fi Series, PSI-LORDS

Fred Van Lente and Renato Guedes Launch Valiant’s Galactic Adventure in June

 February 13, 2019 (New York, NY) – “FINALLY, THE PSI-LORDS HAVE COME BACK TO THE VALIANT UNIVERSE!” exclaimed Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers. “After years of teases, red herrings, and misdirects, we are so excited to announce one of the most requested books from Valiant: PSI-LORDS.”

That’s right! As first revealed by The Hollywood Reporterand teased on Valiant's social media, Valiant Entertainment is excited to announce PSI-LORDS, a brand-new ongoing comic series debuting in June from The New York Times bestselling writer Fred Van Lente (IVAR, TIMEWALKER; GENERATION ZERO) and stunning artist Renato Guedes (SHADOWMAN). The announcement comes with a fantastic promo image created by Rod Reis (Winter Soldier, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge).

“Fred Van Lente is doing what he does best: mind-bending sci-fi with heart and humor,” said Meyers. “Renato is the perfect artist to bring this story to life, blending intricate storytelling with cosmic craziness that is going to blow you away.”

In PSI-LORDS, four amnesiac spacefarers awake in an unfamiliar place, setting off a galaxy-bending adventure with extreme consequences.

“PSI-LORDS is a Lost-style adventure in that it involves a motley band of strangers trying to survive in the unknown, exotic Gyre – not just endure the physical hazards, but also the various factions on it warring for control,” said Van Lente. “So expect sci-fi action, expect Westoros-esque political jockeying, expect the relationship between the characters to grow and change as they try and navigate this bizarre environment – all at the same time trying to figure out what its true nature is, and, of course, how the hell they're going to get back home.”

PSI-LORDS is a great series for new readers to jump on, but Van Lente hints that longtime Valiant fans will be rewarded.

“Many X-O Manowar readers have seen hints to what's really going on already,” he teased. “The secret the Gyre holds, once uncovered, will jeopardize the entire Valiant Universe – and has the potential to suck every hero and villain in it into its orbit.

On June 19th, discover Valiant’s newest sci-fi thriller and latest launch of 2019 with the release of PSI-LORDS #1, featuring covers by Jonboy Meyers (Superman), Rod Reis(Winter Soldier), Alan Quah (Orphan Black), and Marco Rudy (Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier).

To learn more about PSI-LORDS, be sure to follow Valiant Entertainment on all of its social media channels!

Psi-Lords #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on June 19.

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