DC Collectibles saved a few nice surprises for Toy Fair

DC Collectibles saved a few nice surprises for Toy Fair

I confess I was a bit disappointed when DC Collectibles dropped what appeared to be all of their Toy Fair reveals online the day before it started. I began to wonder why I had an appointment to tour the booth if my coverage was already spoiled by the official stuff they’d sent out.

In the end, it was still great seeing the previously-announced products up close, and it turns out they saved a few things for the show after all. Here are a few of my favorites:

Batman: Black and White by Marc Silvestri


The Black and White line is quite popular, and it’s not hard to see why: it features sculpts of iconic takes on the Dark Knight from over the years. And while I’ve never actually encountered Marc Silvestri’s Batman on the page, I believe I have a new favorite Black and White. The pose, the musculature, the suit, and the face—it’s all perfect.

A ginormous Harley Quinn


In case you can’t tell from the perspective, this Harley is taller than I am, and I’m six feet tall! This statue will be limited—50 pieces, if I recall—and is sure to command a high price.

The Main Man on a hog


When DC revealed the Engines of Chaos line on Friday, I wasn’t very interested. But then I saw this little card of Riley Rossmo Lobo art, promising what would, all by itself, justify the existence of the entire line. I think I might actually scoop this one up when it hits the market.

The Jenny Frisson Wonder Woman


The DC Designers Series is all about bringing striking comic art to statues, and here’s one that was new to me. If you haven’t noticed, some of the most stunning Wonder Woman variants of the last few years have been produced by Jenny Frisson, and now there’s a statue that does an impressive job of capturing Jenny’s aesthetic. If you’re a Wonder Woman fan, this ought to be yours as soon as possible.

There was more on display in the booth, of course, but to me, these were the best of the best, and each was a first-time for me. Let me know in the comments what you think of these new reveals!

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