Go on a “Starcadia Quest” as  popular board game becomes a comic miniseries from IDW

Go on a “Starcadia Quest” as popular board game becomes a comic miniseries from IDW

These days, more and more video game developers look to comics when they want to expand on the mythology of their games. It makes sense, too, since there’s often overlap between fans of each medium, and a six-issue miniseries can take the narrative elements of cut scenes and interludes and dive deep into story and characterization.

It makes sense, then, that a board game maker would take the same approach, as evidenced by the upcoming Starcadia Quest miniseries from IDW. Besides exploring different aspects of the world of Starcadia, though, this miniseries has a definite advantage by being based on a physical game: it includes elements that can be used within the game itself. So, after you’ve read about Starkid, you can flip to the back of the issue and incorporate new gameplay elements into the board game. That’s genius, and something that hopefully sets a precedent for other developers.

Check out the details below.

Per IDW:

Action-Packed Starcadia Quest Tabletop Game
Expands to Comics for the First Time

Critically Acclaimed Writer James Roberts Helms
the All-New Adventures of Starkid, Launching in August

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 23, 2019) – Game developer CMON’s highly-anticipated tabletop game (and Kickstarter darling) Starcadia Quest will come to comics beginning in August, courtesy of IDW Publishing. The first-ever expansion of the Starcadia universe, this three-issue miniseries welcomes James Roberts – the fan-favorite and critically acclaimed writer of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light – to craft a wild new adventure for Starkid and his Freelance Adventuring Crew.

“If you liked the high drama and deep space nonsense of Transformers: Lost Light, then Starcadia Quest will be right up your street,” says Roberts. “There's lots of world-building, lots of emotion, lots of shocks — but, ultimately, the story carries itself forward on a wave of old-fashioned heroics. It's old-school science fiction with a modern twist, a mash-up of classic space opera tropes and gleefully weird twists and turns. Most of all, it's fun!”

Illustrated by 
Aurelio Mazzara (Skylanders) and colored by David García Cruz, Starcadia Questtakes comic readers and game fans deep into the Frontier, where the toughest jobs in the galaxy are handled by Freelance Adventuring Crews. On his sixteenth birthday, the delivery boy known as Starkid sends out a call for the best recruits he can get... at his local Stardollars coffee shop. An action-packed and hilarious QWST begins!

“I’ve fallen in love with Starcadia Quest – its incredible character design, the homages to science fiction movies and anime, the awesome characterization of the cast,” says Mazzara. “I’ve been giving it my very best to put all that detail onto the page. I’m incredibly happy to be part of this and can’t wait to see what people think!”

“Starcadia Quest manages to be thoughtful of its place in science fiction — acknowledging the stories and tropes that have come before —  while also keeping a unique look and a laugh out-loud humor that sets it apart from any other all-ages book today,” says editor 
David Mariotte.

As a special bonus, each issue of Starcadia Quest will be jam-packed with additional pages’ worth of exclusive playable content, allowing readers to incorporate the issue’s story elements into their tabletop gameplay!

For information on how to secure copies of 
Starcadia Quest, please contact your local comic shop or visit www.comicshoplocator.com to find a store near you. Also, follow IDW and CMON on their social media channels for breaking news on their future collaborations!

Starcadia Quest #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers this August.

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