Marvel Comic Gallery Spider-Man Webbing PVC Diorama review

There’s a new Spider-Man film in theaters, if you weren’t aware.

But, if you’re reading a site called “Comics Now,” I’m pretty sure you’re well aware of that fact.

Yes, Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters now, promising a sense of finality for the “Infinity Saga,” along with all the Mysterio action you could ever want. Personally, I’ll be seeing the movie this evening, and I can’t wait, but to tide us all over, let’s take a look at some merch!

Our good friends over at Diamond Select have no shortage of Spidey pieces available, and they’ve graciously sent their Spider-Man Webbing Marvel Comic Gallery piece for review. It’s not based on Far From Home, sure, but it’s still Spider-Man, so it works. Check out Brian’s review from a few weeks ago here, and see what I have to say about this pretty sweet piece below.

Like all of Diamond’s pieces, the diorama comes in a sturdy, attractive box. The webbing motif looks really nice against the solid blues and reds, and makes the figure look great even in the box. I’m a sucker for a cool background on the inside of a box, if you can’t already tell, and this figure satisfies that nicely.


At first glance, this piece looks great right out of the box. Spider-Man is in a really dynamic pose, perched atop a cool looking base. I really like the details of the “endcaps” of the base, which look like the outer walls of buildings, with a bunch of webbing (made of clear, sturdy PVC) strung between the two for Spidey to rest on. There’s even a lamppost poking out from the bottom, which gives the diorama a nice pop of green and adds to the urban atmosphere.

The piece’s strengths are in the design and overall construction, more than the details. The base is great, and Spider-Man himself has a lot of elements that work really well. Spider-Man has one of the most recognizable yet complex costumes in comics, with the webbing alone being a nightmare to draw. This piece has the lines of the webbing “cut” into the body and then painted over in black, adding a little texture to the figure. Depending on who you ask, the line going down the chin could be a design gaffe as it typically isn’t there in the comics, but it’s still nicely detailed. I love the huge red spider on his back as well, and while I wish the blue in the suit was maybe a shade or two darker, it still looks great.

Look closer at the piece, though, and there are some quality issues. There are quite a few spots where the paint application is sloppy, or has rubbed off to expose the layer below. That actually works with the end pieces, making them look like grimy and dirty buildings, but it’s really noticeable on the otherwise clean looking Spidey.

Strange, too, because so much attention went into the details of the sculpt (the folds of the costume at the joints are unreal), that some paint flubs stand out all the more. The head isn’t a solid piece either, which is odd, as the face snaps onto the rest of the head. While the dividing line is designed to go with the flow of the webbing, it’s still fairly noticeable up close.

Even still, this is a cool piece, despite a few quality complaints. Like all Diamond dioramas, it’s incredibly affordable when compared to other similar pieces from different companies. You can get it for a lean $45 from Diamond directly, or from your local comic shop. There’s also a black symbiote suit variant that looks amazing, so nab that if you can find it. No matter which way you go, this diorama will look great on your shelf, and will be a surefire hit with Spider-Man fans.

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