Rain Werks' "Mafiosa" surpasses its Kickstarter goal with 12 days left to go

Rain Werks' "Mafiosa" surpasses its Kickstarter goal with 12 days left to go

A few weeks ago we shared the Kickstarter for Mafiosa, a comic book from Sunshine Barbito and Débora Carita that puts a twist on a typical gangster story. If you’re looking forward to this book, then I have good news and great news.

The good news is that, when I received this press email the other day, Mafiosa had hit 50% of its goal with over two weeks left to support the campaign.

The great news? Mafiosa has now surpassed its goal, so it’s a done deal.

Even so, the campaign is still open for your support, if you were wanting to read this book. Check out the details below, along with some preview pages to entice you.

Per Rain Werks:


The Story of One Woman’s Refusal to Accept Gender Norms Nears Publication Goal Two Weeks into Campaign

PORTLAND, OR–Portland writer Sunshine Barbito and São Paulo, Brazil based artist Debora Carita have teamed together to recreate the early days of the Mafia’s rise to prominence in New York during the roaring 1920’s through an original comic book story of one woman fighting to join the family’s business. The Kickstarter campaign to bring their vision to fruition has been featured as the “
Project of the Day,” and has reached the halfway mark in funding!

Mafiosa tells the story of Nicoletta Marchesi, the youngest of five children in a family of first generation Sicilian Americans who have established a Mafia family in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900s. Nicoletta is a precocious and beautiful eighteen year old who, unlike her sisters, is very much a tomboy and grew up always challenging her two older brothers at every turn. But when Nicoletta confronts her father Tommaso and announces her desire to join the family business alongside her brothers, crisis ensues.

“We just reached 50% of our goal for getting MAFIOSA funded! We are so grateful, excited, and blown away by all of your support” says writer Sunshine Barbito. “It is truly incredible to have a platform where you can watch people come together in support of your work. We’ve poured blood, sweat, tears, late nights, endless cups of coffee, and a lot of heart into MAFIOSA. We’re so excited to continue getting the word out about this project. But, most of all, we can’t wait to share MAFIOSA with all of you!”

Mafiosais not only the story of Nicoletta’s rise within the Marchesi crime family but how she and the world around her is transformed when she proves better at the deadly game than her male counterparts. Combining the mystic, high style romanticism of the Roaring 20's with a woman's journey into the savagery of the Cosa Nostra criminal syndicate, Mafiosa presents a fresh take on contemporary themes of gender discrimination and social justice.

Funding exclusively through this Kickstarter campaign is a self-contained comic book story, published in a 28 page, full-color comic format, written by Sunshine Barbito, and drawn by Débora Carita, with two covers available. For more information on perks offered, visit the campaign page:

About the Creators:

Sunshine Barbito is an up and coming writer and editor, based in Portland, Oregon. She writes fiction and non-fiction short stories, poetry, and comics. You can find her short story “The Injury” in issue sixty-six of 34thParallel Magazine, at 34thparallel.net. You can find another comic by Sunshine at 3kcomic.totalwar.com.

Débora Carita is a penciler and illustrator. Recently, Débora worked on Call of Duty Black OPS4(official comics), Star Trek #5: Through the Mirror(IDW), Project Superpowersby Alex Ross, Gene Simmons Dominatrix, Arana and Spiderman(Marvel, 2006), Guardians of the Galaxy(2007), covers for the Official X-Box Magazine, and advertisement illustrations for pre-productions of TV shows, at OpenTheDoor Studio (2015 to 2017 - São Paulo, Brazil) for big brands like Palmolive, Nestlé, Brahma, Nivea, Danone, and others.

Mariacristina Federico was born in Naples on June 14th, 1983. She studied at the Italian School of Comics, taking courses on comics and animation. In 2005, she took part in a comics stage with Alessandro Barbucci. In 2010, she started working in the world of comics as a colorist for foreign publishers; French; Le Lombard, Glénat, Poil de Carotte, Soeur Marie Therese, American; Upper deck, Dynamite, Activision (Call of Duty), Interweb comics (The Giantess), Glass House, Sugar Skull Media (Lucy the Scientist) English; Titan (Tekken, Assasin's creed). Over the last few years, she has worked with some artists in the entertainment field, illustrating CD covers for singers, DJ’s, and pianists. In addition to working as a colorist, she is a freelance illustrator for private clients, mainly drawing curvy women. With these drawings, she has participated in group exhibitions in Australia and Brazil.

Clem Robbins has lettered practically everything, for practically everyone since 1977. He is the author of The Art of Figure Drawing, which was published in 2003 by North Light Books. His paintings and drawings are in collections all over America, and in the permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Kirbi Fagan is a Metro Detroit based illustrator who specializes in creating art for book covers and comics. Her illustrations are known for their magical themes, nostalgic mood and feminine heroines. Her work has adorned fan favorites for Marvel, Boom Studios, and many more!

Francesco Francavilla is an Italian American comic book artist known for his creator-owned series The Black Beetle and pulp-inspired comic covers. Other notable works include The Black Coat, Dynamite's Zorro series, a celebrate run on Detective Comics with Scott Snyder and Jock, and multiple sought-after Mondo movie poster prints.

The Kickstarter is still live and goes through July 18.

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